A new space

The city is calm, and has been for at least a week. Ominously quiet in fact. Today it is sunny, windy and cold for June. It is the day before the city is overtaken by Canada Day revelers. My neighbourhood in particular will get a jolt of energy, from the fireworks and people looking for parking and then by Blues Fest merrymakers dancing & singing up a storm. Ebbs and flows in the Capital.

It is in this context that I begin to engage in this new space, where I will think about the socio-techno-politics of data and infrastructure. It will be an area to critically think about these in relation to culture: satellites; GPS; dishes, shutter control and antenna; fiber optic cables; data farms and clouds; portals and content; users and producers, facts and maps; media and medium. A local to study co-social shaping, determinism and agency, theory and public policy, governance and doing citizenship, society and public deliberation. A place to discuss data and infrastructures as meaning makers.

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