Census Questionnaires – They’ve been long for a long time!

As part of my PhD Research I am researching how we imagine ourselves with maps and data.  I have chosen to examine the Census and the Atlas of Canada & other geodata at NRCan.  Since the Census is such a hot topic at the moment I thought it would be useful to share some of the fruits of my labour.  Here Census Questionnaires since the BNA Act of 1867.

The Census years ending in 1 are always long forms, the years ending in 6 are generally short form and they start getting to be long forms in 1976.  I only included references for the long quinquennial censuses. The famous form 2b starts in 1971, but we can safely say that the questions are very similar to the 1961 Census.  The 1871-1961 Census questionnaires / schedules should be considered long.

I have PDFs of the years 1976, 81, 86, and 91 and they are very large files.  If you need a copy I will forward them to you (tlauriau at gmail dot com).

These can be considered long form Censuses, they are from the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure (CCRI) project.

2B comes into play

Statistics Canada has published a brief history of the Census and the Agency on their website and Prof. Gordon pasted a table on his blog with some analysis.  He copied the table from the 2001 Census Handbook pp. 29-34.

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