Understanding Spatial Media

Understanding Spatial Media came out this year.  It was fantastic to work with the Editors Rob Kitchin and Matthew Wilson as well as all of the authors of the 22 chapters.  The book provides an excellent overview of the domain, and the first chapter in particular, primarily written by Rob, situates the what Spatial Media are and critically discusses the practices and the discourse.  We are moving into a new era, and I think it will be a machine/sensor/smart/autonomous/data based spatial media.  Lets see!

CODS17: Open Data Technological Citizenship & Imagined Futures

The 2017 Canadian Open Data Summit was hosted by the city of Edmonton this year.  These slides were part of the closing keynote.  The talk was well received and it was great to work with public officials who are struggling with trying to administer, deliver programs, be innovative and consult with the public, but who were also receptive to the idea that we need to think at a higher moral and ethical level when deploying technologies. YOu can read the full program here.

Ongoing Research in Data Studies: Data Day 2016

This was part of a talk given at the 2016 Data Day 3.0 held by the Institute for Data Science at Carleton University.

The research for the studies discussed in these slides was funded by a European Research Council Advanced Investigator award ERC-2012-AdG-323636-SOFTCITY. I would like to express my gratitude to Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), Dublin City Council and the Open Data Community in Ireland for generously sharing their knowledge and time.

Open data, open government, transparency, evidence-informed decision making & the 2015 Election

For “What’s ‘Open’ Anyway?” Thursday, October 22, 1:30-3:30 MacOdrum Library, room 482 International Open Access Week 2015

Also see the working paper: 2015 Canadian Election Platforms: Long-Form Census, Open Data, Open Government, Transparency and Evidence Based Policy and Science